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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 13, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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here it where it happened, three workers burned by hot metal at the fremont tesla
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plant. they were over scene as the 911 call went in this afternoon. tesla issued a statement saying there was a failure in a low-pressure aluminum casting press and the employees were injured from that hot aluminum. tonight, they were visited and gave an update on their condition. >> i think in the two cases, it is -- sort of just hot metal splashed on them in the case of kevin rohay, looks like that they should -- i'm guessing make a full recovery. in a case of jesus, his hands were burned pretty badly. so it is not clear what the recovery is going to be. >> abc 7 news was inside the plant last month for a rare look at the car factory's assembly line, but it is not clear where today's accident took place. remember, recently there were
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three car fires involving tesla, this happened during the manufacturing process. a san francisco muni metro train pulled away from the station today. this happens all the time, but not like this. this time it was without the driver, the driver got out to fix the door and was left behind. the muni pictures showed the train taking off, you will see it. we highlighted the driver who you can see walking around the platform. the train was under automatic patrol. and they say the passengers were never in danger. there is an investigation to determine if the driver followed procedure. >> protocol for that is when you get off the train there is an emergency brake, and we are in the process now of verifying whether or not that emergency brake was applied. but the physical evidence seemed to indicate that it was not. >> a rider eventually brought the train to a stop by pulling the emergency brake. the mechanic confirmed it was
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stopped and it arrived safely at the station. we'll hear more from a passenger tonight on channel 7, so tune in for that if you can at 11:00. and a candlelight vigil to support loved ones in the philippines. organizers of the vigil say it is to pay respect to those who perished and to keep hope alive for the survivors. they are representing a grass roots effort, and so much need is in the philippines tonight. nbc reporter david louis has the story. >> reporter: emergency supplies are arriving in hard-hit areas, but there is growing concern that millions may not survive. his family lives in tacloban city, devastated by super storm typhoon haiyan. >> i fear that some may lose e >> reporter: that is why bay
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area groups who have been supporting grass roots organizations in the philippines for years hopes that people consider donations to people who know the area best. >> other efforts, international efforts are great. and we're not saying don't do that, but if people have that preference. that is why they're approaching us, they want to know 100% of their donations will go to communities on the ground in the philippines. >> reporter: volunteers say $100,000 has already been erased. the supporters and donors gathered this morning to pray for the welfare of the survivors. in the south bay, the office is engaged in a grass roots funding campaign to provide dehydrated food and bottles. to build the schools in haiti after the earthquake and they may do the same in the philippines. >> we don't know yet, but we'll see how desperate, and in need they are for supplies and
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support. but probably, we'll build some schools, maybe, we don't know yet. >> reporter: this is a global humanitarian group with 50 volunteers ready to help. if you're interested in helping to these agencies, go to abc7, click on see it on tv. nbc, david louis, abc 7 news. and as you well know the situation in the philippines seems to grow more desperate every day now. the official death toll stands at 2700, but sadly is expected to rise. the u.s. has activated the ship, mercy, which can be very valuable in a crisis like this but wouldn't arrive in the philippines until next month. and wells fargo bank has announced a donation to the relief effort. more and more aid is arrives in tacloban, the city hardest hit by the storm. the airport is barricaded, the
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families are increasingly desperate. >> we need help. we need help very badly. >> there is looting, and police in tacloban say they have now restored order. but the mayor is calling on people to leave the city because there is so little food or water, just not much there for them. well, the airport in tacloban was mostly destroyed by the typhoon. but flights are taking off from manila, one arriving at san francisco airport. the bay area residents are grateful for the return of their loved ones. wom one woman's electricity was knocked out, but the damage was minimal. >> in tacloban, there was one place wiped out. and the place, you can see there is nothing left behind. >> we prayed that people might -- of course, being hungry, they might rob and kill each other or something like that. >> bay area residents are also booking flights to the
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philippines so they can take food and aid to the survivors. and a bay area researcher from the academy of sciences is in the philippines tonight working with the government there to make sure that coral reefs around the islands stay healthy. that is absolutely critical during storms. one spokesperson said the typhoon has been a wake-up call for a lot of filipinos. >> they come to the realization that storms of increasing intensity are part of what we're living with, with the impacts of climate change. and until we can reverse those impacts, people just really need to be prepared for things of this magnitude and severity. >> terry says that even with the emphasis on getting relief to victims, some officials are already thinking about disaster plans and drills for the future. now, if you would like to contribute to the typhoon relief effort, go to and look
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for links, on see it on tv. also follow us on twitter for nbc bay area for any breaking news on this subject or any other. and welcome news for university california students and their parents, tuition will not go up for the upcoming school year, fall of 2014. that pledge coming from the new uc president, janet napolitano. but the board still needs to give its approval for that. nbc's cornell barnard has more. >> reporter: the protesters chanted inside the uc board of regents meeting, some calling for the removal of the new president, janet napolitano because of her former job as homeland security security, enforcing immigration laws. >> she is not legitimate, leading the largest institution of public higher education in the world. >> reporter: missing from this meeting, students opposing tuition hikes, because next year the president is calling for a freeze. >> i think the combination of a
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tuition freeze plus the financial aid, makes this system and this -- you know, really extraordinary education that these students get, within the reach of all families in california. >> reporter: napolitano wants a new policy to keep fees low for entering freshmen, to make sure they can enter in the proper span. the freeze next year means less stre stress. >> it is just one step in the right direction, the tuition used to be cheap, it was a public university that lived up to that mission statement of being for the public and everyone. and now is slowly becoming less and less about that. >> whatever happens, we don't know. to be honest, i wouldn't be surprised if this was like a very temporary thing. >> reporter: the new president has even more reforms. she wants to make it easier for community college students to transfer into the uc system. cornell barnard, abc 7 news.
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coming up next, the east bay gets rattled. a series of small quakes shake things up a bit. there is no damage so far. also, erasing a new eyesore, a new way to erase graffiti that is gentle on the environment, as well, spencer christian has more. all right, after a very mild day dense fog in the bay area, posing problems for commuters. i'll have the weather forecast coming up. and a bay area family asks for help in restoring a
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watch for lane closures that may impact your driving, get your latest realtime traffic starting at 4:30. a pleasanton man who was badly beaten when he confronted a group of partiers. he was knocked unconscious in late september, he had several surgeries to release swelling on his brain.
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now, this incident happened where four teenage suspects were now identified and questioned, but no arrests have been made. friends told the pleasanton patch that lamont has begun rehab, but is still not able to stand. we are glad to see progress. and san francisco police searching for a man who assaulted someone while pretending to ask for directions, police released this sketch, saying the victim got in the driver's car to help him find the legion of honor. he drove with her, and locked the doors and assaulted her. police hope you recognize the man right here. last year, more than 3,000 people around the country died when their homes caught fire and a simple smoke detector may have saved them. it is certainly an unnecessary tragedy. abc is teaming up with home depot and the company that makes the detectors for operation 7,
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to save a life. here is nbc reporter wayne freedman. >> reporter: how often have we showed you something like that. a fire, victims trapped inside, caught unaware by smoke and fumes. as a 30-year veteran of the fire service i can tell you that i have seen firsthand the real life benefits of smoke alarms. i can tell you i have seen the real life benefits of carbon monoxide alarms. >> santa clara county fire chief, looked on as they showed the presentation of 300 smoke detectors and car alarms to be distributed in san francisco, and oakland. it is the fourth year that abc has partnered with home depot and kidda to get the life-saving devices into bay area homes. >> i mean, i think we're increasing the chances of 3,000 people from stopping something bad happening in their world.
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>> reporter: it can and does, we see these tragedies happen too often. >> for others, they simply can't afford the smoke alarms. the choice is between is their family going to eat dinner or will they buy a smoke alarm. so we want to make sure every family is protected. >> reporter: to that end, kidda has donated many nationwide, they install them when they see the need. >> it is hard to believe, the technology is so cheap, you think everybody would have them, but they don't. >> why not? >> because people simply think it won't happen to them, but it does. >> and in potentially 3,000 bay area homes, now they will have one. so if you want one, how do you get one? begin by calling your local fire department in santa clara county. if you demonstrate you have the need, they may install it for you if you have the time. for more information, visit
9:17 pm, and click see it on tv. wayne freedman, in the news room. and a small earthquake shook san ramon today. perhaps you felt it. they are part of an ongoing fault issue there. the 3.8 quake hit san ramon, followed by three smaller quakes this afternoon. no reports of any damage in the area, in the san ramon valley area. this is a view from that region. but people at the floor coverings in san ramon said they heard and felt the shaking. >> the tile rackshifted a bit. the area was shaking. it is like everything is going to fall down. >> today's quakes are not considered aftershocks to several smaller quakes, it started two weeks ago, always unnerving. and producti ins such as so
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beans appear on menus in a variety of ways, but did you know they could also used to remove graffiti. this one uses dry ice, and evaporates without harms the environment. the epa issued a grant to come up with green cleaning solutions. >> they used dry ice, which is basically just co 2 compressed. there is no byproducts, some of it is actually cheaper. other techniques include using soy beans, and a clear, protective film that allows the graffiti to be peeled off. every year, citizens report the graffiti and it costs the city $20 million, if you can believe that. >> well, spencer christian is here mid-week, kind of cool, nice. >> it cooled down a lot. we had a mild day today. temperatures dropping off
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sharply. here is a look at today's high temperatures. hard to believe it is mid-november temperatures. as a matter of fact, 74 degrees in mountain view tied the record high for this date in mountain view. we had high temperatures of 80 degrees in santa rosa, up at cloverdale, and in the east bay locations things cooling down. showing areas of rather dense fog near the coastline, pushing near the golden gate locally out over the bay. there could be reduced visibility in some areas tomorrow morning. right now we see half moon day's visibility down to a mile and a quarter. pretty good visibility so far. here is a live view looking back towards part of the san francisco skyline. you can see some of the fog off in the distance there. the temperature readings, 53, san francisco, mid-50s, oakland, redwood city, los gatos, 54, and
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embarcadero, from the roof top at abc 7, down to 49 already. santa rosa, 48, novato, low-to-mid 50s, and one more live view from our camera looking out over san francisco. you can see the fog and low clouds working their way out over the city and into the bay. these are the forecast features, you will see the fog along the coast and around the bay. sunny and mild, though, by afternoon tomorrow, and then breezy and cooler, friday and saturday. satellite radar showing the area of high pressure rebuilding here to give us mainly clear skies over the next couple of days. so as we animate the map, we can see sunny skies tomorrow, and friday. it will start to get cooler by friday, we'll see the low pressure system dropping down into the pacific northwest. bringing us the cooler and breezier conditions. the moisture from this system will remain to the north. as a matter of fact, there is a very limited amount of moisture in the system. it could produce snow over the
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sierra, let's deal with tonight's animation. and fog overnight spreading inland across the bay. dense in some pockets. so again, could be some problems or delays during the morning commute. overnight lows, generally in the mid-to-upper 40s. tomorrow, another mild day, high temperatures in the low-to-mid 70s in the south bay, 72 at san jose in the peninsula, 60s on the coast, 67 degrees, downtown san francisco tomorrow. the north bay valleys, highs in the mid-70s, 76 at santa rosa, east bay high is generally in the low 70s. and inland east bay, highs in the mid-70s, here is the accu weather seven-day forecast. we'll see a sharp cooldown going into the weekend, breezy, no rain expected. we'll get milder weather again, monday, tuesday, wednesday, so the dry mild pattern continues except for the little cooldown over the weekend. no precipitation in the
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covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. some sophisticated new imaging tools are turning the examination room into a virtual time machine. tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, the new 3-d cameras that are allowing plastic surgery patients to get a good look at the surgery they're considering before they make a final decision and go under the knife. that is at 11:00 on channel 7,
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tune in for that. and a new born in virginia will have quite a story to tell when she is older. the woman gave birth to a beautiful little child. but get this, isab oella came io the world on 11-12-13, at 2:15 in the afternoon. the family didn't realize the time until somebody in the nursy brought it up later, what a beautiful child and a fun birthday to have. and coming under which next, falling short, the white house reveals how many people have signed up for obama care and it is far less than the administration had hoped for. also the man who posed as a police officer, why? to get a discount on donuts. how the real cops caught up with him. and how hot is hot? you're going to meet a guy with the
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now, from abc 7 news. >> a moment of truth for president obama and that troubled health care website, we knew about the glitches and the apology from the president. but now we have a stark number showing how few americans actually signed up on the federal site. the white house reports just more than 106,000 people enrolled in october, of those, 27,000 did so through the federal website. far short of the projected 500,000. the remaining 79,000 applied through one of the 15 state-run market places with nearly 31,000 of those people here in california. abc news reporter jonathan carl has the story. >> reporter: during the first month, just 26,000 people were able to select health insurance
9:31 pm
through the federal website or over the phone. a stunningly low number. 14 states and d.c. operate their own health insurance marketplaces, and did better. nearly 80,000, but all told, obama care is way behind the administration's goal of 500,000 for the first month and the 7 million they hope to enroll by march. those numbers and who they sign up are critical to making obama care work. even before the numbers came out today, the white house put the blame on the troubled website. >> i can only tell you that we fully expect that the numbers will be even lower than anticipated because of the significant challenges caused by the website. >> reporter: but that line is not quieting anger in congress, where today the most eye-popping revelation came from one of the government's top accountants, the first official estimate of how much the website has cost so far. >> by the end of september it was north of $600 million spent. >> reporter: $600 million, to
9:32 pm
put that in context, that is more than four times what apple spent to develop the iphone. >> if they spent $600 million and it is not working, does anybody have any idea how much all of this is going to cost us in the end? >> reporter: the answer, nobody knows. meanwhile, today one of the most enduring mystery of was solved. abc news tracked her down, her name is adrianae, she is a mom and a native of columbia who now lives in the u.s. what started as a simple photo shoot turned her life upside down. >> i didn't make the website, i didn't make it fail. so i don't think they should have any reason to hate me. >> reporter: and on thursday, the president is expected to get an earful from some of his strongest supporters, all democratic senators are coming here to the white house where topic number one will not be the thousands who have managed to sign up for obama care, but the millions who have been receiving cancellation notices from their insurance companies. jonathan carl, abc news, the
9:33 pm
white house. >> in the meantime, the department of homeland security says has been hit with about 16 hacking attempts. actually, that is a relatively small ñinumber. homeland security has logged almost 230,000 cyber attacks against its website during the past year. hewlitt packer's new book 11 pulled from shelves and websites because of concerns with overheating chargers. google and hp says a small number of users reported that the chargers included with the device were damaged because of overheating. hp is urging existing crome book 11 not to use the chargers that came with the device. hp is working with the consumer safety division to decide what to do. and sources say facebook's second offer to the company this
9:34 pm
year, the first for one billion. the app allows users to send each other messages or photos that disappear after just sec d seconds, the 23-year-old co-founder evan spiegel came up with the idea while he was a student at stanford. so far the service has not generated any revenue, but they're being offered a lot of money for it. the dow rose 70 points closing at 15,1820, a new high, the 34th all-time closing high for the s&p this year and 36 for the dow. the nasdaq gained 35 points to end the day at 3965. an optimistic outlook for holiday spending, particularly for macy's helped to drive the market today. and get this, a florida man arrested for impersonating a deputy to get a discount on his
9:35 pm
donuts. officers say 40-year-old chuck berry pulled up at dunkin donuts, and asked for a discount. he showed the gun, said see, i'm a cop. yesterday, the authorities set up watch there and pulled him over, berry was charged with falsely impersonating the officer, which is a felony. might go to jail for a few donuts, that was smart. and you will see what happened regarding this
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social media can be a powerful force for change.
9:39 pm
we've seen the time and time again, and recently a mother in san jose reached out to a mother for help. she said her daughter's fiance needs surgery to save his eyesight, but the family just can't afford it. so cheryl sent the message out on facebook, not really expecting anything. but what happened next turned out to be a miracle, watch. >> reporter: this is the family who desperately needed help and asked for it through social media. they had an urgent plea to save the eyesight of william flemming. he and his fiance want to be able to see their five children to grow up. william wants to be able to work to support the family but he has a rare eye disease that is making him slowly loses vision, it causes the cornea to bulge like a cone. william wears large, hard contact lens right now so he can
9:40 pm
see and work and drive. he is a former college football player who is now a caregiver for his fiancee's brother, bo, who has cp. >> he helps with his shoes, his leg braces. >> reporter: william and nina talked to a number of doctors about his disease, theycornea t >> but they are so invasive and painful. >> reporter: their research led them to this doctor in beverly hills who created this procedure for correcting the damage. but it costs $18,000 and is not covered by insurance. so the family placed appeals for money with little success, that is when nina's mother, desiree martin sent me an e-mail on facebook, saying can you help me get the message out that he
9:41 pm
needs donations. he is a caring father and a caregiver to my son. >> i thought of you guys, because that is all i watch is channel 7 news. >> reporter: i put desiree's plea on my company's facebook page, and sent out this message, days later i received an e-mail from a publicist who said that the surgeon wants to perform the surgery. saying someone who saw your tweet is interested in helping william. i wanted to call william right away, but the doctor wanted to tell him himself. we skyped in the manuel call dr. brian. you can see the shock in their faces as they try to process the good news. >> an anonymous donor has stepped in and was very moved about hearing about you. and they're actually going to take care of the procedure for you. and you will be able to have the
9:42 pm
procedure. >> oh, my god, seriously? oh, my god, that is so awesome. >> thank you. >> that is great. >> thank you. >> oh, my god. thank you so much. >> reporter: there are so many calls for help on social media that won't get answered, but in william's case somebody stepped up and said i will help you. and that will make all the difference for william and his family. and they are heading to los angeles soon for william's surgery. >> what do you think about that? >> that is so great. >> thank you. >> thank you, thank you. thank you. >> reporter: cheryl jennings, abc 7 news. >> just remarkable. now, we will be there to see william get that much-needed eye surgery in los angeles and bring you that follow-up story just as soon as it happened. powerful stuff. powerful stuff. well, coming up next
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watch for overnight lane closures that may impact you from highway 101, get your latest realtime traffic and transit alerts starting at 4:30. if you go north far enough you will eventually see the northern lights. the photographer did exactly that putting together 1500 photos together of the aurora bor borealis near banff. he posted this time lapse video on sunday. the aurora borealis happens when
9:47 pm
the magnetic fields that are responsible for the northern lights are affected. we have a link on the entire video on as you got a glimpse there, pretty spectacular stuff. all right, let's talk to spencer christian about the weather. all right, dan, we'll talk about the time lapse view. the camera looking towards the golden gate. nice breaks of blue, lots of fog forming at the coast, now beginning to push inland. we'll look at live doppler 7 hd, you see some at the coastline, and some pushing beyond parts of the south bay and across the bay to the east bay. visibility is good at most locations, except at half moon bay where it was two and a half mi miles. it was even lower earlier. pockets of dense fog, reducing the visibility, it makes for slow go. mainly east coast by the afternoon, mild conditions everywhere. including the bay area once
9:48 pm
again. we'll see high temperatures ranging from mid-60s to the coast, upper 60s, low 70s near the bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. cooling down over the weekend. breezy, cool on saturday, a few clouds around, no rain, though, then milder weather again by early next week. so this dry pattern goes on beyond mid-december, actually into late -- november, int late november, which is very unusual, and we can certainly use rainfall. but the weather is lovely. >> yeah, it is indeed. we're going to start seeing the clouds. thank you very much. for the first time, a majority of americans say they prefer spicy sauces, salsa has been more popular than catchup for years. so tonight, you will meet the man with the hottest hot sauce ever apparently. here is abc reporter lindsey janice. >> reporter: watch as these people eat the hottest chili peppers on the planet.
9:49 pm
>> oh, my god. >> reporter: these so-called chili heads get a rush from the endorphins released from the body in reaction to pain. that is paul boslin, director of the chili pepper institute. he says there is rising demand for super hots, the hottest peppers in the world. the hotter the number, the hotter the pepper. peppers so hot you need a gas mask to cook with them. >> oh, okay. >> reporter: so why on earth do people do this? we went to see blair lazarre, the record holder for making the hottest hot sauce in the world. >> i think everyone needs to try to feel alive just a little bit more. >> reporter: so how could i say no to a taste of blair's meanest chilies. >> and if you like to try it?
9:50 pm
>> reporter: as soon as i hit my mouth, it found that my tongue had been seared with a hot poker, so of course, i went for more. >> wow, wow. >> reporter: not the most pleasant experience. but i have to say i'm feeling a little more alive. >> i'm okay. >> reporter: lindsey janice, abc news, highlands, new jersey. you know, i don't need my eyes to bleed. that is a fringe benefit, dan. >> you pay extra for that. >> you do pay extra for that. all right, in sports, terrell
9:51 pm
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9:53 pm
covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, runaway muni train, we talked about that here tonight. you will hear from a passenger who describes barrelling through
9:54 pm
a tunnel without a driver. and it is like photo shop for your face. the new technology that lets you see how your cosmetic surgery will turn out before stepping foot in an operating room and going under the knife. that is an interesting idea. >> unfortunately, this is the after. you might want to back away from that. >> spend carefully before you put your money on that. after back-to-back losses, the raiders really need a win sunday in houston, they really need terrell pryor to play well, except they're not sure if he can play at all. he didn't practice because of a sprained right knee, apparently, pryor didn't even tell the coaches before the game on sunday in new york that his knee was really bothering him. subsequently, pryor threw 122 yards, and was sacked. finally, the lesson learned. >> a lot of football players try to tough it out. i guess certain positions you
9:55 pm
can, but the way i move, the way i have to move. can't really help out. >> the raiders family lost a unique, colorful character today, todd christianson died following complications from surgery, he had been fighting cancer for five years, christianson won twoñi singmedah the silver and black, he loved to display his vast vocabulary, i worked with him at espn, he was terrific. todd was only 57 years old, remembered today by head coach dennis allen. >> he really kind of revolutionized the tight end position. he was one of the first, kind of the h back, more of a wide receiver. obviously, we all are deeply saddened and want to send our condolences out to his family. >> sad, he was a terrific player in person.
9:56 pm
and kansas city pipelines, still open, cut by the 49ers receiver kyle williams picked up by the kansas city chiefs today. he will be joined by fellow players alex smith. and they have to fix the offense, it has to happen now. look at address decrease and the saints, they can fall out of bed and put 40 on the board. colin kaepernick criticized, saying kaepernick is having trouble finding receivers when his primary target is covered snow. >> i didn't hear what he had to say, he is not in the building with us, what he said doesn't affect me at all. i'm worried about what the team thinks and what i'm doing with the teammates. >> what is safety eric reed doing, recovering after the second concussion of the season.
9:57 pm
you want to go low on mike tolbert, otherwise you pay the price. reid says he is symptom-free, hopes to play against the saints, he is a rookie, he may have to adjust how he played in college because guys were a lot smaller there. but he wouldn't alter his aggressiveness. >> the split second decisions, i wouldn't change the way i played, just be strong in my fai faith. >> that is his second concussion, they have to be careful with him. in soccer they have to avoid what would be a complete embarrassment if they failed to qualify for the cup. they attempted to do so. paul agilar on the rebound, on the 32nd minute, 1-nil, soccer term there. peralta in front.
9:58 pm
and that is the final. 3-1 for mexico, as the two teams now travel 16 -- or 5-1, the two teams will travel 6900 miles for game two next week in new zealand. and the cardinals, hosting stanford. stanford's aaron kovar messy like between defenders, for victory. the ncaa tournament, they lost four of their last six. but they have already qualified for the ncaa. baseball news, no surprise inou kershaw winning for the second time in three years, had a 1.8 e.r.a., a man the a's became quite familiar with in the playoffs. detroit's matt scherzer, 21 and 3 this season, he was the only
9:59 pm
20 game winner in the majors. and jhonny gomes sporting the goal, raising funds to help those battling the disease. >> i am definitely on board, you know, i have good friends here, i'm excited for the opportunity, we'll get some of the rich guys off their walletings and hes an >> how is your golf game? >> it sucks. >> i may try -- one of dave bemzer's jacket for the news. >> i would pay good money to see that. >> that is our report. thank you for joining us. see you at 11:00.
10:00 pm
k squeals] okay, you can hear me? okay. um, good morning. i'm here to kick off the first day of a new tradition at our school called green week. what? first, a month to black history, now, seven days on the irish. l this week, greendale college is becoming so earth-smart


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